Tactical Squadron Combat in a Galaxy far, Far away.

The Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game brings the excitement and danger of starfighter dogfights to your tabletop! Are you a merciless Imperial commander, leading your squads to eliminate the Rebels? Or are you a daring Rebel pilot, fighting for freedom from the cruel Imperial overlords? Prepare your crew and launch your attack!


Star Wars: X-Wing features high quality pre-painted plastic miniatures based on the starships from all eras of Star Wars. Each miniature is sold ready to go, with no assembly or painting required - just attach to the base and start playing!


Miniatures are mostly packaged individually in blister packs or box sets for the larger ships. While ships are generally sold on their own, they can vary quite heavily in size. Branching from small fighters like the humble A-Wing through to larger vessels like the Millennium Falcon and  even the massive Imperial Raider.


Terrain and scenery is a simple affair with X-Wing, all you'll need is  a nice starfield playmat from either Micro Art Studio or Fantasy Flight Games and you're good to go. If you feel like jazzing it up a little, Spartan Games and other manufacturers also make some great Asteroids and other space themed scenics.


Star Wars: X-Wing involves two players from opposing factions pitting small squadrons of fighters against each other in fast tactical battles. The play area is usually 3x3' with larger 'epic' scale games pushing the table size to 6x3'.

Squadrons can vary in size and structure quite heavily, players can field anything from a large number of simple rookies to a smaller number of highly skilled veterans. Each ship has a large number of different pilots and possible upgrades available, represented by cards, allowing each squadron to be unique and dynamic. Movement is determined by templates, with each ship having it's own unique set of available maneuvers and combat abilities.


The game is almost the definition of the easy to learn, difficult to master mantra. A short game is all that's needed to learn the very basics of the game and get people from all ages and skill levels playing. Engagements scale upwards from there, with a massive focus on tactical movement, positioning and list building.


There are two main starter sets avaliable to get you started, giving you absolutely everything you need to fight your own versions of famous battles from the films.



Expansions range from single ship upgrades, to large dual packs and even epic scale ships like the Imperial Raider.


Fantasy Flight Games, Micro Art Studio and many others sell heaps of great accessories for the game. Examples include acrylic templates and tokens to replace the generic cardboard ones sold in each expansion.


Visit the Fantasy Flight Games official website to find out more information.

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